looking back at it tho, that pretty one. america’s too short. the height difference is VERY important.

it’s true, and america is slouching a LITTLE bit but it’s not enough. romano is not tall at all, which makes america seem even taller, and it needs to be noted

July 29   0
froggytown, replies,

One of the best out takes from any television show, ever. 

July 29   320784
video, parks and rec,

Diana loves me enough to reblog my otp even though she doesnt ship it and then spam our shared otp (◡‿◡✿)

July 29   1
i have such good supportive friends, ''feeling bad?? here's the otp'',


fine al you straight edge piece of shit

July 29   15
also real, romano smokes like a chimney, and america's like that's bad for you!!!, romerica, hetalia, aph romano, aph america,

8,735 plays



look me in the eyes and tell me Alfred does not do vines.

July 29   1656
too real, romerica, hetalia, aph romano, aph america,

July 29   768
me too, i want to see more embarrassing caretaker fics, and romano and america's suffering, aph america, aph romano, romerica, hetalia,


it’s officially rare ships week on this blog now 

i regret nothing

July 29   578
romerica, our otp, aph romano, aph america, hetalia, nyotalia, im so glad,


I’m actually awful because I’ve had this comm for freaking ever AND I’M REALLY SORRY I JUST GOT TO IT……..
But anyway yes romerica for Bunny, it’s kind of doofy and I guess RomANO’s like… GONNA EAT THE TOMATO OUT OF THE BURGER or maybe he’s putting it in and it’s a metaphor for putting stuff in buns, you know what, I just don’t know.

July 29   453
they're so beautiful, romerica, hetalia, aph romano, aph america, thank u diana,


July 29   204
THE OTP, romerica, aph romano, aph america, nyotalia, hetalia,

July 29   69995
bob's burgers, me at amusement parks until I was 12,

July 29   127479


whenever i forget my headphones at home


July 29   146737


i dont want the d. i want the a. i want to pass this class

July 29   434446



i’ve never seen something so accurate

July 29   101548

froggytown replied to your post: “I’ve been feeling a lot of anger and resentment lately towards things…”:
ill distract you with weird blogs when you’re angry >:D

thank you, bc those don’t make me angry they just make me laugh

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froggytown, replies, people are so weird and stupid sometimes, the world is amazing,

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